Founded by Ali Tüverekli in 2005, it is a textile and shoes brand of French origin.

The company has become one of the ambitious companies of the women's footwear sector in Europe by entering the textile sector quickly with the Alsace brand.

Our brand is designed and is being produced in Turkey, our products, our factory 2000m2 production are examined with rigor from the design stage to the planting stage and delivered seamlessly to our customers.

Alsace increases brand awareness all over the world by increasing its share of exports to Eastern Block Countries and Europe every year.

Our company has become one of the leading brands in fashion design with its unique designs to create new trends in women's footwear sector.

Alsace tries to provide the best service to its customers with its modern facilities, global production techniques, professional team, marketing network, public relations and consumer consultants.

Alsace is proud to present this quality and superior service to its customers.